Federal Arms International


Federal Arms International (FAI) is a progressive firearm school dedicated to providing excellence in firearm and tactical training to civilians, executives, private firms, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Our team of expert instructors include top marksmen from the military, law enforcement agencies, and former federal firearm experts who have trained with the DEA, Secret Service, Federal Air Marshals, NCIS, SWAT, Customs & Border Protection, etc.

At FAI, our goal is to be on the forefront of the dynamic handgun and firearm tactics, and bring the latest techniques to our clients. Through our training, you will learn the skills to safely handle, manipulate a firearm, and develop a solid shooting foundation. Each individual will become skilled in deploying and discharging their firearm with speed, accuracy, and confidence.


Whether you’re a novice interested in our basic pistol class or an experienced shooter interested in refreshing or honing your skills, our team of expert instructors will work with each individual to develop a training program that caters to your every need.

We specialize in working with governmental agencies, executives and private firms. Our experts will work closely with your representatives and training personnel to provide viable recommendations and solutions to develop specific firearms related training program that fits the agency’s needs. Through our collaborative efforts of research, analysis and program development, your firm will always be at the forefront of firearm tactics and safer procedural techniques.